What is “Yalla!”?


Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv l July 18, 2022


What is Yalla DevOps?

Join us for Yalla DevOps Tel aviv, a full day of hands-on community sessions from industry experts, thought leadership keynotes, and professional networking will put you at the center of DevOps.

You’ll be inspired to drive DevOps from the front lines with actionable tips, patterns and use cases. Learn how to level up your skills with modern CI/CD, package management, software distribution, device update management, and security practices. Come ready to collaborate with your peers in the DevOps community to modernize software development.

Who Should Join Yalla DevOps?


Discover best practices and new methodologies to universally deliver across languages and technologies.

DevOps Engineers

Uncover trends and patterns to prepare your infrastructure for the next generation of software delivery.

Security Professionals

Experience fearless delivery, with security shifted left throughout the development pipeline.

IT Leaders

Learn about the DevOps engines and emerging patterns that are powering modern digital transformation.

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is a very popular term in Israel, originating from Arabic, meaning:

Ready for release Bring it on! OK (as in Ok) OK (dismissive) Hurry up! There you go Go ahead Your turn I’m giving up Talk later Coffee anyone

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